Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Taylor!

Taylor turns 20 today. I've learned a lot more about medical issues than I ever wanted to know. I've shed more tears in the 20 years than I ever thought possible. I've spent more nights in a hospital in the past 20 years than I ever thought possible. When you add the total number of nights that I've spent sleeping on an uncomfortable, vinyl pull-out couch in a hospital room listening to the beeping of monitors and IV pumps, it totals over 3 years out of the past 20.

However I'm not going to talk about that today. I'm going to talk about the smiles she's given me. No matter what problem comes up, Taylor smiles through it all. I've seen her fight to re-learn how to walk and talk (well Taylor talk) after suffering a stroke after brain surgery. She wakes up in the morning, smiling. She is the most loving and affectionate "child" I've ever known.

Taylor is funny, silly, happy, loving, strong, resilient, and stubborn. She has been the major focus of my life for the past 20 years. People around town know me only as "Taylor's mom". She has touched the lives of a lot of people.

To me, Taylor is hope and I choose to celebrate the good today. Happy Birthday precious girl! We love you!


kathleen {SG} said...


From what your mom has told me you are the closest thing to God's love on earth!!! May God fill all of your needs!!

kathleen {SG}
P.s. I'm mama and Daddy's friend **smiles**

HappilyFlawed said...

Im glad that you had a good day. Happy Birthday to yours! I keep forgetting that our kids share a birthday lol

Tim said...

Happy Birthday Taylor! We will always be praying for you!

Thanks for following The Fort! As you probably already know I too have a Taylor and she is soon to have a birthday, and my sons is tomorrow.

You probably aready also know that I have had epilepsy since I was 6 so I know all about what you ar going thru. The hospital stays, the monitors, the eeg's, you name it Ive done it.

Its just a guess, but Im thinking that taylor is either currently taking Dilantin or has taken it recently. Just a guess.

Feel free to share with me, and ask any questions you might like. I am always happy to share and hopefully help.

Thanks for posting my button, I look so forward to getting to know you better!

Love and Prayers,