Thursday, August 27, 2009

Seizure Salad

I'm sure you are probably wondering about the title of my blog. I have always dealt with things using humor. It just makes things easier for me. If I don't laugh, I'm going to cry and laughing happens to be more fun.

The phrase "seizure salad" came into being thanks to my brother. Years ago my brother took my girls and I out to dinner. I was a single mother trying to raise three girls, work full-time and deal with Taylor's ever increasing seizures. Taylor was having a particularly bad seizure day. She also happens to love salads. She won't eat cakes, candy, or other sweet things but she will devour a salad.

Anyway, the waitress came to take our order. As she went around the table asking everyone what they wanted, she got to Taylor and asked what she wanted. In the middle of asking that, Taylor decided to have a huge seizure. Without skipping a beat, my brother told the waitress that Taylor wanted a "seizure salad". She kind of looked at us and asked did we mean "Caesar salad"? My brother said no, for her, we call it a seizure salad.

Needless to say, we all started laughing hysterically. I couldn't help it…it was funny. The waitress laughed for a second then I guess she felt bad for laughing even though we told her it's okay it's how we deal, she wouldn't wait on us anymore. She was angry that we made her laugh at that.

So now, when Taylor has really bad seizure days, we call them seizure salad day. I'm sure that is not as funny to everyone else as it is to me, but it still makes me chuckle thinking back to that day.

It's been a rough day for Taylor today. All her seizures were big one and they just kept coming. She couldn't even enjoy the park when her sister took her today. Normally Taylor loves to swing, but not today. She just sat on the bench, seizing away.

I've decided that in the next few days, I'm going to write Taylor's complete history from birth until now. I think it will be better if I break it up into parts. It's just all in my head so it will be nice to have it written down in one place.


Beth said...

Now that is a funny story! When you're in the club, it's really funny. Just awkward when you're on the outside. Poor waitress!

Wish there was a special salad dressing that would take away those seizures though.

Anonymous said...

I have come to love Taylor over the last several years even though I have yet to meet her in person.

The stories that you have shared just bring me closer to both of you.

I am going to look forward to your future writings in this blog so that I can really come to know the girl of the "seizure salads."

love and hugs,

Becca said...

Hi, Dawn! Thanks for your note on my blog and blog backup advice--however, it wasn't me that had commented on the Seizure Salad (although that is quite funny, having now read it). I enjoy your blog, and send hugs to Taylor!

Linda said...

Hilarious! I deal with stressful situations with humor, too, and some people don't appreciate it one bit. Different strokes......

My name is Sarah said...

Hi Dawn, This is Joyce. I am Sarah's mom and I see we have both been enjoying our daughters for 20 years now. Although our circumstances are a bit different, we too have been faced with many medical challenges over the years, so I can appreciate your insight on the long haul and share similiar feelings myself. And today's post is classic. For us too, humor is the only route, our bodies dried of tears long ago. Taylor is a doll by the way. I would like to add you to our blogroll if that is ok. There are not too many of us "experienced" families out here in blogland.

Beth said...

Dawn, I am just stopping by again to check in and see how things are going. Hope you and Taylor are okay.