Thursday, September 23, 2010

Anti-PC Post Ahead…Proceed with Caution

ptcircus2 I realize that my voice is going to be in the extreme minority here but I feel like I need to say something. 

There are a lot of things that our lawmakers in Washington need to address…namely the fact that millions are out of work.  Our economy is still on a downward spiral.  Small business owners are being taxed like crazy.  I can vouch for the last one first hand.

Look, as the mother of a profoundly, developmentally disabled daughter, I understand the power behind words.  However, right now, taking the words “mentally retarded” out of government documents seems like a waste of Washington’s time. Click here to read the story.

There are too many families who don’t have enough food, enough money to pay their bills or house payments.  Shouldn’t we concentrate on those issues right now?

I realize that I’ve probably offended most, if not all, parents of special needs kids.  However, I just think there is a time for everything and maybe this wasn’t the right time.  We are so politically correct about everything…even to the point where sometimes I don’t even know what to “call” my child when explaining her issues to others.  You can’t say disabled, you have to say “differently-abled”.  Handicapped becomes “handi-capable”. 

These are just my personal views and I definitely don’t expect everyone to have the same.  I just feel that sometimes, people are too scared of offending someone with a differing viewpoint.  I almost didn’t post this because I was worried about what those that read here would think.  But then I realized that it’s my blog & if  I can’t voice my feelings here, where can I?

I welcome all differing opinions to comment here.  I just ask that you be respectful.  Dialogue & debate (with manners) are always appreciated.


Anonymous said...

It frustrates me to see a government not dealing with big issues that affect you, me and our friends and customers.

People are out of work, Congress and the White House continue to do nothing but run the country into debt (both Republicans and Democrats.)

To take time for something that is is so trivial and unimportant is a waste of time. The government needs to focus on important issues.

Calling someone a gimp or cripple or retard is a social issue, and has nothing to do with the government.

I have a disability myself and I wish the PC police, many who are not disabled themselves, try to tell us what we should be called.

Call me cripple, gimp, handicapped, whatever. That has no affect on my success in life or happiness.

Anyone who worries about this should consider the families that we know that are losing their homes or can't get a job.

How about taking up a more important cause as opposed to being the word police and trying to impose your lame ideas of what we should be called.

The terms differently-abled, Able-disabled, Handicapable, and "an individual with an intellectual disability" are all a bunch of fluff.


livehappy08 said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I used to advocate for PC, and people first language EVERY time, and it took dating a blind man to bring me to the 'dark side'. Love your cute blog!

HappilyFlawed said...

What's the backstory to this? I admit I prefer to live in heatherland and dont watch a lot of news so I don't understand the part about washington. And i thought that handicap was the word you used to cover any number of issues for a person with a disability. Ok I just lost my train of thought Mae came to me with a book so Im going to do that lol

Anita said...

I agree with Paul,it is a social issue. Sooner or later 'individuals with intellectual disability' might become unacceptable to some.I understand some words might be hurtful to some people more than others and I try my best not to offend anybody,but just coming from a very different culture makes it all the more difficult.


Anonymous said...

I too agree with Paul; it is definitely a social issue and how the word retarded is used, to mean tone of voice and if it is derogatory, in such cases that one begins with ignorant parents bringing up ignorant children.

Personally I have a chemical brain disorder (note PC) It's when the stigma of diagnosis come into light that I get an attitude.

The schools no longer use the term Dyslexia and consider it a fluffy term of a reading disability. let's get real folks my son is dyslexic and up till recent years that it the term that was used; explained very well the malady.

If you are black and see a one of the boyz then it is appropriate to say what's up nigga; if you're white and use the term nigger it is hate speach.

Boy is this comment getting long. Bottom line I'm sick and tired of our government wasting our money with triviality in paper work which they will have
to have a lot of people change in the laws.

Hey guys, the ADA is enough as is the local offices in our town halls for the Commissions for Disabilities.

Yes, I'm angry over this one.


Katie said...
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Katie said...

When i moved south in 1996, i went to the county office in GA asking for a list of companies that provided services to the developmentally disabled population - 3 TIMES! They didn't have a clue who or what i was talking about until the light bulb lit up, and she asked "oh, you mean those retarded people?"

The use of "mental retardation" and all variations were removed from use in the state of Minnesota prior to 1996. i think other states have removed it as well.

Yeah - there's lots of problems in the world - lots of other things that are important ... but so is dignity. The term is technical and will, i would think, always remain in the diagnostic reference books.


Katie said...

Sorry, but another point ... there's a huge difference between being retarded and being intellectually disabled.

Dang - lost my train of thought. Hope my caboose catches up with me.


Gertrude said...

Whatever the term may be, people with difficulties in life must be respected and allowed to live a normal life as possible. They have needs too, just like non-disabled or normal individuals. Of all these needs, the opportunity to earn a living or get support is often neglected. Thankfully, my friend Annie, was able to secure a reliable help in a form of a workers compensation return to work program in our area. It helped her a lot after being separated from work due to economic downturn.

I'm so grateful for posting this topic, Lori! It's really thought-provoking.

◄ Lisa ► said...

Love this post and love Paul's comment! Words have only the power the one hearing them gives things as they are, succinctly. As you said, there are far larger issues to deal with right now.