Wednesday, September 8, 2010


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Mom gave me an idea to write a blog on Taylor’s blog from the sister’s point of view.  I thought it was wonderful the hard part is figuring out where to start.  So I will kind of start with the beginning and see how it goes.

I remember Taylor’s nursery like I was just there, and I was only 5 when she was born and I can tell you where her brown crib was and the beautiful silk off white bedding she had.  I guess I was excited about her!!

When she was born I remember me and my older sis running in there to get her up and make her pink bottles, they were pink because she had to have medicine in them, looked like strawberry milk.  Growing up with Taylor was a wonderful experience, I don’t remember all those life threatening surgeries or choices that my mom had to go through at least not till we got way older like now.

I remember trying to get Taylor to a new accomplishment, for example I was the first to make Taylor laugh and I remember every detail and can picture that moment in my head. So me and my older sis always wanted to get her to do something else, whether it was laughing, talking, standing, or walking we just couldn’t wait to get her there.   I do remember teaching her to say “boobies”, I was a good sister but I wasn’t perfect.  I also remember Taylor loved to stand on the furniture facing the back and we would duck down on the other side and play with her but let me tell you if she got your hair that was the end of it..ouch!

My main point with this one is being the sibling of a special needs child like Taylor we are the lucky ones, growing up with them we get to have all the fun and none of the worries like the parents do.  I can’t be 100% sure but I can’t recall a time that I was ever jealous of Taylor and the attention she got, either it’s that I was so darn good or I was raised right! 

I hope you enjoyed this sister blog and look out for my next one, I already have what I will write in mind!

Thanks, from the sister of Taylor



Dawn said...

Brandy, you made me cry...happy tears of course. You wrote something very beautiful and heartfelt and I just love it.

I'd like to say you were raised right, but I'm pretty sure you were a good kid too. So was Courtney.

Love you and thanks so much for writing that.


Creating the best of Me said...

Like I said it just came so easy once I started and I could have gone on and on, but then you would have a book for a blog. I love you mom and Taylor too!!!

HappilyFlawed said...

I would have kept reading if you had written a book.

tumbleweedgirl said...


thank you for this view point. especially today, i needed that. sometimes i worry about zaya.

your stories made me smile and laugh, and i realized that zaya has that same joy in her even now. he LOVES being the one to get her to do something.

Becca said...

An absolutely beautiful post, Brandy. I loved reading your perspective on growing up with Taylor. It's rare to hear life from a sibling's view of things. Samantha's an only child, but I would have been honored to have had another daughter like you as her sister.

Alicia D said...

tears! this is just beautiful :)

Creating the best of Me said...

Wow, I never new how much this would help, guess thats why it was moms idea, I was so touched that you all enjoyed it, I will be writing a few more so keep a look out!!!!

Anonymous said...


You really touched my heart to read your view of growing up with your sister Taylor; what a heart warming blog entry.

I for one will be watching out for your next one!!!!

Kathy said...

How neat to hear from you Brandy. Your words paint quite the tender picture.

Shannon said...

You made me cry too!! I dont even have a child with special needs but these kids really do make me happy and to hear a sisters POV really makes me happy.

Dawn I now see that you have another pretty awesome daughter :)