Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Puppy Whisperer

Taylor & Jasper

I just thought I would share with you Taylor’s first love.  She’s always had a deep love for animals but most especially dogs.

This picture was taken at her sister’s house and Taylor treats that puppy like a baby.  The puppy, Jasper, actually belongs to Brandy’s boyfriend who is stationed in Korea but of course, Brandy is keeping it for him. 

However, I don’t think he’ll have a puppy when he gets home in May.  Jasper thinks he belongs to Taylor.  Jasper’s tail wags 5000 mph when he see Taylor.

I truly believe that 99.9% percent of dogs sense something about special needs kids.  I’ve seen Taylor be able to pet and love on dogs that wouldn’t let another soul touch them.

There are some things health wise that are going on with TayTay, but I honestly just needed to write a “feel good” post today. 

Nothing is more heart-warming than this picture of Taylor & Jasper.  You can just see the love in both of their eyes.

Happiness is a girl & a puppy! *smiles*


Jill said...

Such a sweet picture!

Becca said...

Oh, so sweet!!! Glad for the feel-good post from you, just because it's so good to see you back here again. But feel free to unload as well. This is *your* forum, and we're all here to support you guys. ((hugs)) to you and Taylor!!

Creating the best of Me said...

She truely loves this puppy, and to me I have seen her with more dogs then most and there is something special with this one that she has. He does love her the most and stays at her side the whole time she is here.

Anonymous said...

Definitely looks like puppy love to me. How could someone not enjoy the looks on both of their faces. I'm so happy she finds so much joy and love with animals.

You had the right idea about the feel good blog. I hope your Tay, Tay, will be doing as well as possible soon. In the mean time even during the tough times keep these awesome happy moments in the front of your mind and focus. Just a suggestion **smiles**


Dotty said...

Beautiful picture! Thank you for that!! I think animals can tell also, I've seen our digs treat zach different, more loving. Its so sweet.

Jamie said...

Awww!! Time to get a puppy! hee hee. Hope all is well :)

◄ Lisa aka AP► said...

Catching up with y'all way late, but I just love this picture. They obviously belong together. :-)