Thursday, August 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

Taylor infusion 011

Taylor is 22 years old today!  It’s hard to believe that there was a time when we were told she would never see toddlerhood let alone her twenties.  Of course, she is a 22 year old “toddler” so I guess it all evens out. *laughs*

I see each birthday now as a gift.  I feel so blessed to see her smiling face each & every morning.  Well, the mornings when she decides to stay up until 3am while making 5,000 trips to the bathroom are ones when I’d prefer to see that smile a little later than 7am.

So, what do you get a girl who has everything she wants?  You give her the things she considers to be the best stuff on the planet.

1 car magazine – $6.00

1 caffeine free diet coke – $1.69

2 packages of Gummi Worms – $3.00

3 Mylar Spongebob balloons – $10.00

1 huge grin & a drool enhanced hug & kiss =




Becca said...

Ohhhh, happy, happy birthday, Taylor!!!! You are one beautiful soul, deserving of a beautiful day (sounds like you've got it, too!!). Gummy worms are my FAVORITE!! Taylor is a gift to many, many people. I'm so glad to "know" her and you!!((hugs and kisses))

Creating the best of Me said...

Mom no one can write like you!!! I love it, reading your stuff just fits so well and makes me smile!! I love you Taytay!!!

Trudy said...

Happy Birthday Tay!

Kathy said...

Happy Birthday Taylor!!!!! Sounds like you got some really awesome gifts!!!

Happy Birthday to you as well dawn. =) I loved this post and the way you worded it.


Jamie said...

mmmmmm Happy Happy Day sweet girl. :)!

My name is Sarah said...

This is Joyce. Love that first paragraph:) and laughing as I can so relate.

Happy Birthday(belated) to Taylor.