Friday, August 26, 2011

One of These Feet is Not Like the Other…

Parade & Taylor's foot 015

So, this is the “infamous” foot that started us down the road to diagnosing the CML.  We’ve been through 16 days of IV antibiotics, bone scans, ultrasounds, dozens of x-rays, & several different doctor specialties telling us they didn’t know what it was.

Everyone agreed that this had nothing to do with the CML.  So we were just treating her pain when she had some.  This morning, she woke up in a lot of pain.  I tried the Ibuprofen first…nothing.  I called the doctor and then gave her stronger pain meds and she became more comfortable but everyone felt she needed to be seen.

However, Taylor’s doctor isn’t in on Fridays.  Also the only appointment they had was with the NP.  Now I love this office.  All the nurses love Taylor so I know they have her best interest at heart.  The nurse on the phone said, “Dawn, I don’t want to offend you, but it really wouldn’t be fair to have the NP see Taylor because she is just too complex and she’ll scare the crap out of the NP”.

Okay, I’m so not offended by that.  I totally get it and I just had to laugh.  To me, that sentence was funny.  Of course, that could just be twisted sense of humor.

So off we go to the Urgent Care because they know Taylor just as well.  (I used to have this secret fear of being labeled a drug-seeker because we ended up in the Urgent Care so much.) The doctor actually laughed at me when I told him that. 

Anyway…I’ll stop rambling.  I’ve written all of that to just say this.  Her last x-ray in May showed no bone abnormality.  Today the doctor said that the leukemia can weaken bone so he wanted an x-ray.  Lo and behold, she has a slight hairline fracture of the ankle.

Seriously? The treatment is an ankle splint that she does not want to leave on. We don’t want to put her in a cast because then she would lose her sacred bath time.  That girl loves her baths. 

I’m not upset right now but I’m sure at some point it’s going to hit me and I’m going to be upset that she has to deal with all of this.  I will end this entry with a happy Taylor picture.


Taylor at her sister’s house (before she moved).  She  is singing this song from Barney.


serenaserene said...

That's a cute picture of Taylor at the bottom of your post. Eric liked it. I'm so sorry about her foot. I wish that Taylor could share her love of baths with Eric. He is so reluctant to bathe or shower, lately.

Lisa, aka AP said...

awn, I'm so sorry about Taylor's foot and, well, everything else, but that picture of her at the bottom of your post? Best thing *ever. I've had a crappy day and seeing the sheer joy on her face made me feel *so much better. She's got the right idea, finding joy in the little things and her smile is just amazing. :-)