Monday, September 26, 2011

An Update on the Mom

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This picture is an older one, but it brought back some awesome memories and I needed that. *laughs*

Okay, so normally, I don’t post about myself unless it relates to Taylor, but I suppose I need to change that up a little.  What affects me, affects her.

So, last week I spent some time in the hospital for pneumonia.  Needless to say, I’m still feeling like crap but trying to do that at home.  I had to make a repeat visit to the ER on Friday for IV steroids, but got to come home. 

Is it just me or is it all us special needs moms…I tend to take my health way less seriously than I do Taylor’s and that isn’t really the right way to be.  If I’m not healthy, I can’t take care of her but sometimes that just doesn’t translate into practicality.  Please tell me I’m not the only one! *laughs*

Taylor went and spent some time with her care providers while I was inpatient. She enjoyed that.  They have a dog.  See…Taylor is the ‘dog whisperer”.


This is 1 of the pics she sent via text to my phone while I was in the hospital. 

Apparently Taylor doesn’t like to sleep at their house.  She’s too afraid of missing something.  She is up and down all night.  When she comes home, she ends up taking a several hour nap and/or going to bed at 7pm then waking up around 10am.  Either way, it works for us and they don’t seem to mind.  I love these people!!! 

As a side note, I hate, hate, hate the brokerage service that we have to deal with for Taylor to get respite.  They are being *&^%$heads.  But I’m changing firms, so hopefully, it will work out.



Becca said...

Oh, sheesh, Dawn, you *totally* need to take care of yourself! Weren't you in the hospital for pneumonia last year, too?? Glad Taylor enjoyed her time away, though. :-) Good luck with the new respite provider!