Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sharing More of My Life

It's been awhile since I updated. Things here have been a bit hectic. Thankfully Taylor is doing much better and she has been fever free for almost 24 hours. If she stays fever free that means school tomorrow!!!

Most of my friends know that The Bossman (my BF) and I run a business from our home. He's been doing computer repair in our town for many years, just for another company. We recently celebrated out 1 year in business anniversary this past July. It is a very successful business and I love working with him. I am definitely learning to get my geek on.

Anyway, yesterday was "totally weird customer" day. Most of our customers know The Bossman because he also teaches computer classes at the local community college. However, we do get our share of customers that just walk in off the street. Some of them defy description. They bring in computers that are running Windows operating systems from the early 90s. They get really upset when we tell them that Windows doesn't support Windows 3.1 anymore.

I thought this post should be a little more about my daily life instead of just all the bad news about Taylor. While this blog will still focus on life with Taylor, I just decided to start sharing a little bit more of my day to day life.


HappilyFlawed said...

Im very very shallow and i apologize. I read your blog, of course i loved it, but at the very end all i could think about is:
Please tell me where to get me a handy dandy signature like yours. I think thats cute!