Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Day Out Bowling


Taylor bowling 

Taylor, Ally, Gavin

Saturday, I went bowling with my daughters and grandkids.  Taylor had spent the night with her sister and we thought it would be fun to do something together.  Taylor loves to bowl.  That was her first community trip when she was 3 years old and in the public school.

Taking the special kids out into the community has always been a big part of Taylor’s learning.  It teaches the kids how to act and it gives the community the chance to know these kids are here.  I’m sorry if that sounds a little off, I just don’t know how to word it any different.

I’ve always believed that taking the special kids bowling, to the store, to McDonalds, and the like gives people who may not have anyone special in their family or who may never come into contact with someone like Taylor the chance to see them as people/kids.

Now I’ll admit that Taylor is pretty popular in our town.  She knows more people in Lebanon than I do.  People always comment how much her smile lifts them up and how they love how happy she is.  I like that.

Years ago, when Taylor was 6 and we were living in Atlanta, one of the kids in Taylor’s class never went anywhere unless with the class.  Her mother said she just couldn’t deal with how people stared at her child.  I’ll admit that that was something I had to get used to and depending on the situation, it can still get to me.

However, I’m not going to deprive Taylor the joy of socializing in the community because some adult can’t deal.  I sat and talked with this mother.  I invited her and her daughter to lunch and walk around the mall several times a month and eventually she learned to just enjoy her daughter’s joy at being out.

I didn’t do anything but understand and be there for her and I’m sure when the time came, she was there for another mother.  Okay, this blog started out as just a “look, we went bowling blog” and ended up in a completely different place.

I guess that can be a bonus of blogging…being able to get things off your mind you didn’t know where there.


Becca said...

I like where your blog ended up! Made me really think. Reminded me that inclusion means more than just our kids, too. Also reminded me that I should really reach out to that mother that I blogged about a few weeks ago (at the birthday party) and invite her and her son to Sammi's birthday party next week. Thanks for that!
I'm glad Taylor had such a nice time! Bowling's such a great idea!

Erin Lutz said...

I am glad she had fun bowling. Somehow I am not surprised that Taylor has such a huge fan club! :)

Anemone Pie said...

And once again, I find myself wishing I knew you and Taylor in real life and wishing I could hang out with y'all, maybe even let Taylor teach me how to bowl. She's got good form, I think. It's how I'd do it, anyway. People who don't get her aren't wanting to get her and that? Is a huge loss for them. I think y'all are just plainly awesome!

tumbleweedgirl said...

that's encouraging to me too. sometimes i'm tired of the questions. i need to just get over it and learn to be more gracious.

MiyokoC_Rachal奕玲 said...

Make yourself necessary to someone..........................