Sunday, May 2, 2010


Gavin park


Tired.  Exhausted.  Sleepy.  No matter what word you can think of to describe lack of sleep…that’s me.  Last night had to go down as the most exhausting night in my grandkids babysitting history.

I got more sleep when they were infants.  At least then, you could fall asleep while the babies laid on you.  Last night it was “no kid” sleeping night.

Let’s see.  Gavin went to sleep really well.  So did Ally…at least i thought so.  It was Taylor that kept getting up making dozens of trips to the bathroom.  Okay, so her tummy might have been upset.  When I went in her room to check on her,she kept pointing to Ally in the port-a-crib.  I thought she was just showing me that she was there. 

Anyway, after an hour of her pointing, I leaned down to check on Ally and realized she was sleeping in throw up.  Yuck!  I picked her up, washed her off and laid her in bed with Taylor.  I changed the sheets and put her back to bed.  I thought, okay, that’s the end of that.  Nope, from then on, she would cry about every 20 – 30 minutes. She would go back to sleep when I rubbed her back.

I had moved Gavin from the couch to the futon in Taylor’s room which was fine until he woke up scared.  I had already made my bed on the couch so I could deal with them without waking The Bossman every time i had to get out of bed.

Gavin asked me to come lay with him on the futon.  As soon as i did, Ally started to cry and then Taylor would sit up.  By 4am, even Gavin had had enough, so I made him a bed on the floor next to the couch and at 5am, i finally dozed off on the couch.  Of course, Taylor The All-Nighter, decided to turn her TV on at 7:30 this morning…quite loud.

Gavin was really good.  He asked if he could have a pop tart, and he quietly ate it watching SpongeBob while I dozed on the couch for about another hour.

Ally park

At 8:30, I finally gave it up, got Ally out of bed, laid her on the pallet on the floor where she still is.  Poor baby doesn’t feel good.  Taylor is happy she has her room back to herself and Gavin goes from the computer to the TV.  He’s being a really big boy this morning and I’ve enjoyed his company.

The nights of Nanas. *laughs*

Even though it was a rough night, the kids have been really great and I've had a lot of fun with them.    They are growing up so fast.  Ally has the vocabulary of a 5 year old (she’s 2 1/2) and Gavin is just smart.  The Bossman and I saw him surfing Amazon looking at train stuff.  How that boy got to, I have no clue.  The Bossman was amazed as well.

I’m tired again just reliving last night.  At least The Bossman is still firmly ensconced in his bed sleeping peacefully.  *smiles*


Rudy said...

they are so cute. i think you should promise us at least 1 tay story a week. is she done rearanging the cabinets yet? get some sleep girl. lol Trudy