Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Stubborn Girl

Taylor on the bus

I’m experimenting with new fonts so if you have trouble reading this, please just let me know.  I’m crazy that way…I love to constantly change fonts but sometimes it can annoy those who read my little blog.

Have I mentioned that Taylor is stubborn?  About 6 months ago, Taylor got on this kick of not wanting to get on the school bus to come home.  I would get a call from the school and have to drive to get her.

I’m thinking, lord if they didn’t know better, her teachers would swear Taylor was abused and didn’t want to come home.  Honestly, I have no idea what started that little trend.  But then, it’s Taylor, so no way to find out.

It’s been a good 2 months since we really had any more issues with her not getting on the bus so I thought we’d gotten through that little development.

Not so fast.  Yesterday, I’m dealing with a customer when my cell phone rings.  I can’t answer it so I just finish with the customer and wait for the voicemail.  Sitting beside me is The Bossman, dealing with another customer and his cell phone rings.  Of course, he can’t answer it either. (Note": the caller ID just says unknown so no way to know it’s the school.)

By the time I can listen to my voicemail, it’s the school saying Taylor is still there because she refused to get on the bus.  Now if she weren’t over 6 feet tall, they could have maneuvered her on the bus. *laughs*

My daughter Brandy sends me an SMS message on my computer saying the school had called her…yep, they went right down the list.  So Brandy went and got her.  Well actually, Taylor told Brandy no when she tried to get her from school.  However, Taylor the flirt, said yes to Brandy’s boyfriend when he said “come on Taylor, lets go home”. 

Damn brat (said with love).  This is one of those times when I would love to know what Taylor’s reasoning is for not coming home.  I do have my suspicions…that’s how much Taylor loves school.  So that just makes her graduation that much more bittersweet.

I decided to use a picture of Taylor when she was happy to get on the bus.


HappilyFlawed said...

The picture brought a genuine smile to my face, thanks for sharing.