Monday, November 30, 2009

Decking the Halls

I love all the decorations that come with Christmas. We've already got our outside lights put up and the inside is decorated as well. All we need is a tree. Taylor likes looking at all the lights. She also loves anything that lights up and plays music. We have Christmas decoration with Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Oscar the Grouch sitting on a sled. When you squeeze Elmo's hand, they sing and move.

Last Christmas it was a nightmare trying to get Taylor to leave it alone. Every time you turned around, she had grabbed it and ran in her room with it. I'm guessing she remembers that it's for the living room this year because when I got it out, she actually asked if she could take it in her room. When I told her no, she seemed okay with that.

Of course, the first night it was out, she had to come out of her room 10 times to go to the bathroom because she got to walk right past it. She looked at it each time but didn't bother it, so it's an improvement. Today when she came home from school, she made it sing a couple of times and seemed happy with that. We have a little tree and she stuck it on her dresser, so I plugged it in and she fell asleep with it lit up.

We have no idea what we are going to get her for Christmas this year. It's not like she can tell me what she wants and she has all the toys she likes to play with. I think I would like to get her new bedding and redo her room. Maybe I can do that for her for Christmas. We will get the usual things for her stocking…car magazines, bubble bath (can't have a bath without bubbles"), and a few other little things.

I had to reschedule Taylor's cardiology appointment. She had been sick over the weekend and I didn't want to drag her off to the hospital right now. This is proving to be a bad winter for Taylor. Last year was a good one and the one before was a bad one, so I guess we are keeping with the normal pattern.


HappilyFlawed said...

Heres a gift suggestion that she might like. In a couple of the pictures youve posted i thought i saw some crayons or markers so why not buy her that crayola globe thing? She can put whatever "pictures" she wants to draw on it and all Mom has to do is put it in the globe and show her how to turn it on. They were under 25 at our WalMart i think.

If i get this job, im going to buy one for Katie for her to goof with her friends because you know they dont play anymore lol.

Merry Christmas!!!

Anonymous said...

I wish I had all that done! Good job!

justjaime31 said...

Crayola has a lot of great stuff that you color on and it lights up!!

We have all of our decorations up too, except for the tree

Anonymous said...

You're ahead of us in the decorating dept!!

With bath stuff, there are some really fun options too, like the bath crayons, bath fizzies, foam, and other stuff. Those have all been hits at one time or another :)

If she likes cars, remote controlled one?

Jennifer said...

I put the tree up today. It's still naked, but it's up. Does that count? You're making me feel like a slacker!

I'm impressed with Taylor's self control with the cool singing decoration. She's way better than my kids. I can't get them to leave anything alone! And I think you should let her keep it in her room. You big bully :)

I'm sorry this winter is shaping up to be a bad one for her. I'll cross my fingers that it doesn't hold true for the rest of it!

GrammieMommy said...

Hi Dawn! Thanks for leaving me a comment on my blog. Yay! Another fan of Reed! I love StormChasers LOL and it's good to know someone else who does!

I hope Taylor is better! Happy holidays to you!

won said...

Hi Dawn!

Hope your day is a good one, as well as Taylor's.

Anemone Pie said...

I sure hate that Taylor is having a rough winter health-wise. Hopefully, it's just a bad start and will even out. I think she'd love the room redo but that Crayola Globe thing HappilyFlawed mentioned? Is very cool. I saw the ad on TV and I sort of wanted one. :-)

Tina said...


You are so ahead of me....I don't have anything up yet...

Kids coming over tonight so maybe they will help Nana decorate the tree..


TravelingMom said...

Dawn -- we miss you over at SIP. Or I miss you :-)

Glad Taylor is showing some restraint with the decoration this year. I am also very sorry she is having such a bad winter. It did come early!

Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season.

Kristin said...

I am sorry that Taylor is still sick. That stinks.

I do envy you on having things done - I haven't done anything - oh wait - I did take down the very few decorations I had for Halloween/Thanksgiving.

I hope all is well and we miss you.

Becca said...

I hope Taylor is feeling better this week! It has definitely been a tough winter so far. Let's hope all the germs go on permanent vacation after Christmas. That's such a great idea, having a little tree that lights up in her room--makes such a wonderful holiday feel. I agree, you can't have a bath without bubbles. :-)

Jennifer said...

Just checking in - hope everything is going well, and that you're just busy enjoying the season with Taylor and the Bossman. Your online presence is missed. Especially by me. Nobody else thinks it's funny when I call them a bully :)